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Patola Sarees


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36 per page

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Patola Sarees - A Graceful Traditional Attire

Sarees are the most graceful ethnic attire in India. They make you feel confident and appear fabulously. This is the reason why they are famous not only in India but also around the world. One of the most traditional and delightful sarees that are a characteristic feature of Gujarat are the Patola Sarees. These sarees are woven in double ikat fabric and made in the Pathan district of Gujarat.

Patola sarees are also known as Ikat Sarees because of their weaving process. Its composition is done with a double - ikat woven on silk fabric. Silk is mainly used for making Patola Sarees as the tie and dye process makes the silk more suitable than any other fabric. If any other fabric is used, then the dye may fade away with time.

You may have an idea about the bandhani sarees, which also follow the same tie and dye method as the Patola Sarees. But bandhani sarees are made exclusively in Rajasthan while Patola Sarees belong to Gujarat. The detailed patterns and designs for weaving after tying and dying involve a skilled hand to make these enticing pieces of Patola Sarees. You can find patterns made of geometric shapes, natural elements, birds, and floral motifs, which makes the sarees ostentatious.

Why are Patola Sarees so unique?

Patola Sarees are challenging to produce as the bunch of yarns are first dyed and then weaved by skilled artisans with intricate design patterns. The weaving of these sarees seems to be a family secret. Also, it is practiced by those who belong to a special weaving class at the place of its origin. The patola sarees possess an alluring blend of traditional designs, weaves and hold a huge attraction among women.

The Chalukya Rajputs ruled Gujarat in ancient times, and the idea of putting down their roots into weaving gave inspiration to silk weavers from the Salvi caste. The interesting fact is that these weavers belonged to the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. This idea and weaving process made the Patola Sarees a symbol of rich cultural heritage.

Be a trendsetter with Patola Sarees

Carry a style whenever you want. Don’t let the fashion restrict you. Keep your head high with all the fabulous traditional sarees you see online. You can surely attract everyone’s attention if you flaunt a dazzling saree at a wedding or a grand party. And let us tell you, everyone will appreciate your sarees attire, and you will find yourself smiling pleasantly.

You can add these fantastic ranges of Patola sarees who bear a rich and royal ecstasy that can accentuate your personality with confidence. With exclusive designs and patterns, you will surely be a trendsetter among your friends and family.

Need to attend your best friend’s wedding? Then, you must showcase your bridesmaids' goals to all her guests with a vibrant purple color patola saree with floral motifs and embellish the outfit with drop earrings and a stunning necklace. The embroidered saree will add a glow to your personality and make you look ravishing among all the bridesmaids.

You can have a beige color patola sarees for casual get-togethers or parties where the lights will fall on you and add a shimmering look to your attire. Carry an ethnic clutch to make your look more pleasing and appealing.

Is your mom's birthday coming soon, and you want to gift her a saree? Then the ornated patola sarees with floral buttis and leaves can make her birthday gift special than anything else. Or you can also try the delightful patterns with a heavy border that can make her look more aesthetically pleasing.

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The breathtaking patterns, weavings, and skilled artwork can make you fall in love with them, and you won’t be able to refuse to add them to your closet. Patola Sarees are one of the most coveted raiments across women of all age bars. The diverse color hues offer a huge range of options for every skin tone. 

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