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Pongal Sarees


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Pongal Sarees

Pongal is the harvesting festival celebrated in southern India, particularly by the Tamil Community. On this day, people love to wear new clothes to cherish the festival vibes. Women opt for traditional sarees which resembles their cultural heritage. To add a spark to the Pongal celebration, we have brought the collection of Pongal Sarees that will melt your heart. 

Women are blessed with a variety of clothing, be it modern or traditional. But most of the women always incline towards buying a saree as it is one of the most elegant and graceful attire for them. Similarly, to make the Pongal celebration sparkle with bright clothes, you can choose a range of traditional sarees that are arrayed into the Pongal Sarees Collection.

Discover various facets of Pongal Sarees

You might already know that South India is famous for its Silk Sarees production. Each state has its own unique creativity of sarees which makes them popular in the space of the textile industry. We have curated some of the famous South Indian Sarees which will add bliss to the Pongal Celebration. The Pongal Sarees collections is created with a thought that they will represent the cultural heritage of South India, and it will add value to the religious festival.

Below you will find some of the famous South Indian Sarees which you can choose to wear on the eve of Pongal.

Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram Sarees: These sarees should be your topmost choice while looking for Pongal Sarees. They are made from pure mulberry silk and are utterly soft and silky in texture. They are adorned with gold and silk zari work which adds allure to their appearance. They have a unique fashion pick because the silk belongs to the south, whereas the pure gold and silver zari comes from Gujarat.

These sarees are the fame of South India because of their richness and beauty, which grabs the attention of many people. Even young ladies fall in love with the shine and gloss of these sarees. So, they are must-haves for your Pongal Sarees.

Mysore Silk Sarees: These sarees are made in the temple city of Karnataka, called Mysore. The Mysore silk sarees are also made of pure silk with gold and silver zari work which adds a shiny texture to the sarees. They are long-lasting and have a bright shine that makes them look attractive. You can buy them as the Pongal Sarees because they resemble traditional ecstasy with newer fashion trends.

They offer you a plethora of designs, colours and patterns engraved on the borders and pallu. Most of the intricate patterns include prints of flowers, leaves, temples, monuments, and mythological figures. 

Kerala Kasavu Sarees: The Pongal Sarees collection would look incomplete without the aesthetic Kerala Kasavu Sarees. The sheer white shades of white with a golden border that enhances the beauty of these sarees looks way beyond perfect. They are adorned with golden yarns and embroideries along the borders and pallu. The Kerala Kasavu Sarees are the pride of southern India emerging from the land of God’s own country, Kerala. You should definitely add them to your Pongal Sarees if you want to have a pleasing outfit.. 

Pochampally Silk Sarees: These sarees are made with a tying and dying method where the silk or cotton yarns are first tied, dyed and then used for weaving the sarees. The weaving is quite intricate as the artisans have to create them as per the designs made out of tying and dying. If you want to have a sophisticated look on Pongal celebration, then choose these unique and fabulous pochampally sarees. 

Konrad Silk Sarees: These are the traditional sarees of Tamil Nadu and definitely should be one of your choices for the Pongal Sarees. They are adorned with golden zari work on the shades of red which looks colourful and glamorous.

What accessories should you wear with the Pongal Sarees?

You can wear gold jewellery with red beads that mark the uniqueness of South Indians. Also, wearing flower garlands such as Gajra made of jasmine or mogra flowers will add a glow to your overall look. <

Looking For Traditional Twisted Modern Pongal Sarees For Weddings? Stylecaret Got The Best Variety

Pongal is known for its exciting cultural and traditional vibes where women love to dress-up in the most elegant and stylish traditional ethnic sarees but if you are willing to try something new on this day, we at Stylecaret have brought you the most exclusive and trendy collection of Pongal Sarees Online. Being a delightful and popular traditional occasion, every woman deserves to look their best and at Stylecaret, you can choose from a different range of fabric options like cotton, silk, chiffon, velvet, satin, georgette, and many more since silk is the most traditional fabric for Pongal sarees. From light hues of colors to vibrant shades, we have added different colors to our clothing palette depending on the current fashion and trend requirements.

Check out our latest and trendy collection of Pongal Sarees With Price. Whether you are looking for traditional voluminous silhouette options such as heavily embellished zardozi of sequins, mirrors, or stonework or intricate embroidery with gold or silver thread, or looking for simple printed designer Pongal sarees, we have got the best covered for you. Buy Pongal Sarees Online at Stylecaret and enhance your personality with our stylish and elegant range. All the Pongal sarees at Stylecaret are authentic and have been picked up by keeping the latest trend in the market. You can find Pongal sarees at an affordable cost. Order now and give your wardrobe a new addition.

1. Hand-woven Silk Blend Saree - Silk is the most-adopted, favorite and popular fabric that comes on the top of the list when it comes to any southern festival, thanks to its sheer softness, rich look, and lightweight. On this occasion, try this wide range of gorgeously hand-woven silk-blend Pongal sarees and look attractive & confident in the crowd of thousands of people. The borders and pallus are adorned with gold embroidery giving you an eye-catching look.  

2. Printed Cotton Sarees - Cotton fabric is the most sought fabric as it is lightweight, breathable, and absorbable. Wearing these printed cotton Pongal sarees will give you an elegant, classy, and rich look with the utmost comfort. If you are tired of wearing those heavy traditional sarees, opt for these cotton sarees available in adorable designs and patterns. Choose from brocade and patchwork to colorful floral motifs with unique color-combinations. Opt for vibrant colors like blue or green etc.

3. Designer Linen Sarees - Do you want to embark on your presence with a trendy look? Consider these designer linen Pongal sarees with designer blouses. There are many designs available in these linen sarees such as brocade, floral motifs, stripes, checks, and patchwork, etc. They will look even more beautiful if you choose them with beautiful color combinations. Go for the pink line sarees with yellow borders and pair them up with brocade blouses.

4. Heavily Embellished Satin Saree - A wide range of heavily embellished satin saree is the perfect choice to look cool on this auspicious occasion. It is in-trend these days among women. They are super handy and do not invite too many accessories to be adorned. The borders are embellished with zardozi work of rhinestones and mirrors while pairing it up with a net embroidered blouse will make you look like a diva.

5. Beautiful Net Embroidered Sarees - Net is one of the most famous and preferred fabrics in sarees due to its firmness and stiffness which gives it a flowy appearance after falling off to the ground. It would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe for the Pongal celebration. Opt for the heavily embroidered net sarees with intricate thread work on pallu and borders. Choose black or grey colors.

Buy Pongal Sarees Online At StyleCaret!

You can see a range of different patterns, colours and designs for Pongal Sarees on this page. Make sure what colour suits you the most and which fabric will make you feel comfortable. List down your requirements and then filter the products as per your convenience. We are sure you will find a lot of designs fitting in your choice. 

You can buy the Pongal Sarees online at StyleCaret as we offer you the best quality traditional attires, not only in India but also across the globe. You can get the sarees delivered to your doorstep easily with just a few clicks away.

We also have a fantastic offer for you. Want to know what it is? Well, you can get a 100% cashback as reward points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret. Sounds great, right? So, hurry up and grab the traditional Pongal Sarees online without any delays.

You can also explore our trending varieties of Handloom Sarees, Handwoven Sarees, Embroidered Sarees and many more on the site.

FAQs on Pongal sarees

1. Which sarees can I wear on Pongal?

Being a southern festival, several types of silk sarees are the best Pongal sarees. However you can also opt for Indo-western, half and half sarees, ruffle sarees, and many more for a modern contemporary look.

2. Which sarees are in fashion these days?

You can opt for dhoti style sarees, monochrome style saree, or peplum style sarees, and many more. Also, lehenga style and gown sarees are in fashion these days.

3. Which colors are best for Pongal sarees?

You can opt for rich colors such as red or maroon etc for getting traditional vibes. You can also choose pastel colors and light shades.

4. How can I style my heavily-embroidered Pongal sarees?

Keep an elegant hairdo and balanced make-up. Opt for the heavy golden or silver jewelry with a classic clutch and stilettos. Do not forget to drape your sarees in different styles.

5. Which is the best silk saree?

Banarasi Silk, Kanjeevaram Silk, Tussar Silk, Art Silk, and Bhagalpuri silks are some of the best silks you can wear on Pongal.