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Pre Stitched Sarees


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Pre-Stitched Sarees

Have you ever struggled to wear a saree? Well, if yes, then you no more have to do so because we have brought the pre-stitched sarees for all ladies who love wearing a saree and have a tough time wearing it.

We know many of you might watch online videos for getting the perfect drapes or even ask your mom to help you. Sometimes, you don’t get the ideal pleats for drapes even after watching the online video guides. To avoid the last-minute hustles and restrain off from the fear of wearing a loose saree, you can grab the pre-stitched sarees. The readymade or pre-stitched sarees are easy to drape because they have perfectly stitched pleats and pallu, which you can drape easily within a minute. 

They came into place in the early and mid-2000 when there was a great demand for sarees from young ladies and foreigners. Many women adored the graceful sarees but had a difficult time wearing them, which led to the idea of creating the pre-stitched sarees. The fashion designers made the perfect choice for stitching the petticoat, pleats, and pallu to form the most comfortable and elegant item of clothing.

Discover various facets of pre-stitched sarees

The most intriguing part of choosing the pre-stitched sarees is that you get a wide range of options like the fabric color, material, and prints. You will find all the materials such as linen, cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, net, and even velvet in the pre-stitched sarees. They are also available in plain sarees if you want to have a minimalistic appearance.

You can see a lot of pre-stitched sarees are adorned with patchwork, sequins, stonework, and embroideries to make every work available in them. Some of the sarees have decorative patches attached at the top of the pallu, which looks stunning when you drape it over the shoulder. And, some sarees have adorable laces attached at the lower hem, which makes them look like a ruffle saree.

The variety of fabrics and works offers you countless options to choose from with regards to your convenience. You can select the material of pre-stitched sarees as per the season or occasion.

Look confident and stylish with the pre-stitched sarees

Have you planned a dance performance at your best friend’s wedding but have to dance with a saree? Don’t worry. You can confidently perform on the fast beats by opting for a pre-stitched saree. Just wear the lower portion like a skirt and drape the stitched pallu over the shoulder. Add on some funky yet matching jewelry, and you are good to go. We are sure that everyone will be amazed by your dashing performance with a saree!

If you need to attend a traditional function or wedding of a distinct relative, then grab the pre-stitched sarees if you want to have a traditional look. These sarees will make you feel comfortable and confident. So, forget about the loose pleats or falling pallu, just drape the readymade sarees and enjoy the functions.

Is your college farewell coming up, but you are not sure how to maintain the pleats of your saree in case they loosen up? Well, you can wear the pre-stitched sarees and impress all your friends with a dazzling appearance. We are sure many of your friends will have a hard time taking their eyes off from you. Also, your best friends will be amazed by your confidence and allure in the saree.

Make sure to pair these sarees with a designer blouse that goes with the flow of its majestic grandeur. Put on some statement jewelry and carry a small handbag with you for a ravishing look.

How to take care of pre-stitched sarees?

Maintenance and care of a pre-stitched or any saree for that matter depends on the fabric and work. Like cotton and printed sarees can be washed at home, where else silk, sequin, and delicate thread work saree should be sent for dry cleaning.

  1. Washing - A saree is best maintained when it is dry cleaned, as it keeps the fabric’s shine and strength intact. However, when washing them at home, make sure to do it very carefully, and delicately - with mild detergent and suds.
  2. Drying - Make sure to dry the pre-stitched saree is cool, shaded area, as direct sunlight may fade its colour.

Buy Pre-Stitched Sarees Online At StyleCaret!

If you want to have these fantastic and effortless pre-stitched sarees into your wardrobe, then grab them online at StyleCaret. You don’t have to waste your time hopping into local shops or showrooms for finding the perfect pre-stitched sarees for yourself. You can choose them as per your choice by applying relevant filters on the page.

We at StyleCaret offer you some of the best traditional wears which you can flaunt at any occasion and be a style diva among your family and friends. You can get them delivered at your doorstep with just a few clicks away. We also provide the worldwide shipping facility of our products so that you can get them delivered in any corner of the world.

Are you looking for a discount? If yes, then we have a fantastic deal for you. You can get a 100% cashback as reward points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret. Sounds awesome, right? So, hurry up and grab your favorite pre-stitched sarees online.

You can also explore our trending varieties of nazneen sarees, designer sarees, half sarees, bollywood sarees, and many more on the site. 

FAQs on pre-stitched sarees

What is a pre-stitched saree?

A pre-stitched saree, also known as readymade saree, is a ready-to-wear ensemble that is designed to be worn easily, in a jiffy, without requiring any help. Usually the pleats of the saree comes stitched at the centre along with the underskirt. This allows the wearer to skip essential steps like tucking the saree, making pleats, and pallu adjustment.

Do pre-stitched sarees for weddings look good?

A pre-stitched saree when worn looks very graceful and elegant, just like a normal saree. It can be worn to important events, parties, and even to work places. Pre-stitched sarees for weddings are very popular amongst teenagers, as they are super easy to carry and handle.

What are the benefits of wearing a pre-stitched saree?

A pre-stitched saree removes all the fuss of wearing a nine-yard. There is no need to tuck, pleat, or adjust the pallu length - as all comes pre-stitched. As all the elements are pre-stitched and properly secured, a pre-stitched saree can be worn for hours without worrying about a thing getting loose or going out of place. They are available in a variety of colours, fabric, and work options, making them ideal for both special occasions and work. Another plus pre-stitched sarees is that it allows ease of movement, something that’s not the case with regular sarees. They are a blessing for those who are not experienced in wearing a saree like young girls or foreigners. Also, since they are sewn as per the clients measurement, their fit and drape looks well-put together.

How much does a pre-stitched saree cost?

Pre-stitched sarees price depends on several factors like the label, fabric, work, etc. The pre-stitched sarees price, therefore, start from a few thousand and go up to double-digit figures.

Where to buy pre-stitched sarees from?

Interested individuals can buy pre-stitched sarees online or at a retail store. However, whichever medium you pick, remember to go for a reliable and trusted option. As it will ensure a good quality product and best price guarantee.