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Satin Sarees


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Satin Sarees - Look Best, Anytime, Anywhere

Sarees are the most elegant and desirable ethnic attire for women. Whenever you hear of a saree, you feel attached to the traditional values. Sarees differ in fabrics and the type of work done on them. One form of sarees which are famous for their sheer delight and comfort are the satin sarees. 

Satin is a weave made out of silk, which is extracted from the cocoon of silkworms. But nowadays, many satin sarees are found in other blends of synthetic fabrics such as nylon, rayon, and polyester. Satin sarees made out of silk are much more expensive than other fabrics.

They are woven with a technique where the vertical threads are dominating over the horizontal threads. It means there are more wraps than the weft with minimum cross-sections and interlacing. Satin sarees are lustrous and possess a glossy surface on the main side while they are dull on the opposite side.

Origin of the lustrous satin sarees

The origin of satin dates back to the Middle Ages, where it was made out of expensive silk. Hence, satin was used only by upper-class families. Later, it became remarkable in the twelfth century in Europe. Satin derived its name from a Chinese port in the city of Quanzhou, which was a major silk shipping port whose name in Arabic was Zyton.

Discover the beauty of satin sarees

Wouldn’t you be overwhelmed when your wardrobe fills with all the alluring sarees, kurtis, and lehenga cholis? Sure, you would love to have a bunch of ethnic attires to be a style diva with your ravishing personality. To make your closet more worthy, you can add these adorable satin sarees into your favorite raiments. Satin sarees can also be your perfect go-to for surprise events. 

Whatever be your age, complexion, or figure, satin sarees will always compliment your looks. These sarees are budget-friendly and can be worn throughout any season. They are opulent and lustrous in texture. They fall over the body curves easily and make you look chic. If you are tall and slim, then you should try satin sarees at least once. We are sure you will fall in love with them. 

You may have seen many bollywood actresses striking the top fashion picks with the satin sarees. They are seen wearing these awe-inspiring sarees at red carpets and movie premiere launches, which have added the satin sarees into the trending bollywood sarees too.

Occasions to flaunt satin sarees

As you can notice, the satin sarees are lightweight and comfortable such that any woman can have them in their closet. How amazing would it be to have such an attractive, affordable, comfortable, and soft saree to wear anytime you want?

Satisfaction and attractiveness are the two significant benefits of satin sarees. You can wear them for casual occasions or traditional functions. There are many other variations in satin sarees, each for a different occasion. Let’s see which satin saree will be perfect for specific events.

Parties and Traditional Occasions: The satin georgette sarees which are available in the heavy border with block prints and also with heavy work are suitable for grand soirees and parties. You can adore them with enticing jewelry to enhance your outlook.

Many satin sarees are embellished with sequins or stonework, which makes them look royal and exuberant. You can wear these heavy work sarees at your friend’s weddings or at festivals to add an oomph to the occasion.

Office Wear: You can check the plain satin sarees with minimal prints to add in your office wear sarees. They look fabulous when paired with a sleeveless blouse as it reveals your body with a shimmering appearance of the sarees. Satin sarees can add bliss to your personality if you wear them at the office. The rich and elegant look will make you look like a stylish diva. 

Casual Wear: You can have satin sarees while lounging at home as they are quite comfy and will provide you pleasure from a hectic workday. Many women love to flaunt in saree when their loved ones surround them, so this may be a perfect outfit to add a shine to your family time.

How to maintain satin sarees?

These adorable satin sarees are easy to maintain with minimal efforts. You don’t have to worry about washing them quite often. You can soak them in mild detergent and cold water before first use. It is ok to wash them again after two uses. Make sure you don’t brush them because the plastic bristles of brush will dishevel their weavings. 

Satin sarees are delicate yet resilient, but only if you maintain them properly. So if you are using a washing machine to wash them, use the normal or delicate mode to have a normal load on the cloth.

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Want to have these impressive traditional satin sarees as one of your favorite raiments? Then check out the vibrant colors, patterns, and unique intricate designs to soothe your heart. Each weaving on these adorable satin sarees resembles a feeling of cultural heritage. You can uplift your style quotient by opting for the ethnic wear for special occasions to make the events more glamorous.

Satin sarees will speak the magic out of you without even letting you know. That’s the uniqueness of these alluring sarees. Your loved ones will keep appreciating you for the outfit, and you will find yourself grinning and blushing. So have them delivered at your doorstep as soon as possible and start experimenting with your fashion game. We at StyleCaret offer worldwide shipping of our products so you can get them delivered across the globe.

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