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Sequin Sarees


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Sequin Sarees

Indian ethnic wear is flourishing day-by-day because of the outstanding combination of fabrics and eye-catching embellishments. The spark that these embellishments add to the sarees looks exceptional and irresistible. Some of those sarees that are popular for their dazzling ornamentation are the sequin sarees. These sarees offer a shimmering appearance that enhances the outfit and makes it look attractive in the bright lights.

Sequins are small decorative pieces that come either in round or star-shape with a small hole in the middle. These pieces are stitched on the fabric to adorn the sarees and filled into motifs or prints. You will find the sequin sarees adorned with various other embellishments such as beadwork, zari work, zardozi, Resham work, and embroidery to make them appealing as heavy designer sarees.

Earlier, the sequins were made from precious metal such as gold and silver and used to decorate the outfits for royal families. Later on, they were available in copper, zinc, and iron, and nowadays, they are made with plastic coated with metallic colors. They are also manufactured in different patterns to fit into various prints and designs. The metallic colored sequins are usually used for decorating the sequin sarees, whereas the colorful ones are used for western garments.

Showcase your fashion statement with Sequin Sarees

The reason why women opt for sequin sarees is that the sequins offer a scintillating appearance that looks suitable for both the traditional and modern occasions. You can wear these sarees at festivals, weddings, royal parties, cocktail parties, casual-get together, and office parties. If you want to create a style statement and stand out of the crowd, then you can select the dazzling sequin sarees with bright colors and pair them with ravishing accessories.

These sarees are lightweight, season-friendly, and offer a comfortable drape, which makes them easy to wear on various occasions without worrying about the maintenance. You can either try to leave the pallu over your hand or pin it up by creating small pleats. Regardless of the draping style, you will get a shinier, brighter, and alluring makeover, which will surely catch the public’s attention.

The best thing about sequin sarees is that they are available in a plethora of fabrics, colors, and designs. You can get the silk sarees, georgette sarees, satin sarees, and many more lustrous fabrics filled with the grace of sequins work. You can add them all together to your ethnic wardrobe and showcase your style statement on every different occasion. Being lightweight and adorable, you don’t have to fret about enhancing them if you run out of time for a special event. Just put on your favorite matte lipstick, and you are good to go.

Celebrate functions with the sheer elegance of Sequin Sarees

No matter what function you want to attend, the sequin sarees will always make you look adorable and fascinating with their gracious designs and colors. You will find a wide range of bright and light colors to choose from the sequin sarees, each for a unique appearance. The bright color palette includes royal colors like red, blue, maroon, olive green, black, and many others, whereas the lighter ones include elegant shades like beige, peach, white, light pink, purple, silver, yellow, etc.

With so many different colors, you will always find a reason to sport them and make your fashion statement in front of your closed ones. Moreover, the variety of fabrics will leave you spoilt for choice as you will feel irresistible with their sheer elegance and shiny texture. Thus, you can choose the sequin sarees and make them your go-to outfit for every special occasion.

Have you planned a casual get-together with your old friends? Make sure you sport a ravishing silver color sequin saree and pair it with some statement jewelry. We are sure that your friends will be overwhelmed with your traditional and classy look. For footwear, you can either select high heels or strappy sandals as per your comfort.

Are you supposed to attend a dinner date with your better half? Don’t miss the opportunity to add a shine to your special moment by wearing a soothing and adorable pink sequin saree. Enhance your looks by creating a stylish hairdo and put on some tinkling bangles to carry a fascinating makeover.

The sequin sarees are available with a fusion of traditional and modern fashion, which makes it easier to wear them on festive occasions and wedding functions. If you want to attend your friend’s wedding with a luxurious makeover, then try to opt for the sequins sarees made with silk or satin. These fabrics are lightweight and offer an easy drape for all body types. Hence, the sequin sarees are opted not only by young women but also by the older ones.

Sequin sarees maintenance guide

A sequin saree looks gorgeous, all the sparkle in it creates a lasting impression and wearing it is great fun too. However, when it comes to maintenance and taking care of sequin sarees one must take care of certain things, especially if it's been passed down through generations.

Many believe that it’s best to hand wash a beaded or sequin saree, as it’ll prevent the sequin and beads from becoming loose and eventually falling off. But, did you know that there is a much safer and easier way out and that involves using a washing machine. Shocked! Well, don’t be because the technique we are about to tell you will take all the sequin sarees maintenance and washing tension off your mind.

All you want is a washer bag, you can find it easily on a departmental store or even online. These bags are available in different sizes (choose the one that fits your garment) and are made of mesh or net. All you gotta do is place the sequin saree in the washer bag, and place it in the washing machine for a gentle spin. The holes in the washer bag will allow the water and detergent to clean the saree, and at the same time restrict the saree from coming in contact with other cloths and the side of the drums., thus protecting the sequin saree from any kind of damage.

Buy Sequin Sarees Online At StyleCaret!

If you feel impressed by the allure of sequin sarees, then grab them online at StyleCaret. We offer a wide range of colors, intricate designs, and high-quality fabrics in the sequin sarees to make you look like a style diva. You can search for your favorite designs and fabric type by applying relevant filters to narrow down the results. More importantly, you can buy these sarees from the comfort of your home without getting into the hassles of rushing into stores.

You can get the sequin sarees delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks away. Whether you stay in India or any other part of the world, you can get them delivered with our worldwide shipping facility. 

You will also get a 100% cashback as reward points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret. So don’t wait for any perfect moment to grab this fantastic opportunity and buy your favorite sequin sarees within a matter of minutes.

You can also explore our trending varieties of jacquard silk sarees, chikankari sarees, ombre sarees, and many others on the site.

FAQs for Sequin Saree

How to get stains off a sequin sarees?

Keeping your beautiful sequin saree clean and stain free can be a task, but with a few simple tips and tricks in hand you can assure your saree looking as fresh as a daisy. If your sequin saree has armpit stains or dust-like dirtiness you can remove it by following the below mentioned steps -

  1. Fill the tub/bucket with lukewarm water and add mild laundry soap, mix until it’s completely dissolved
  2. Add your sequin saree and swirl it around gently, before letting it soak for around five to six minutes
  3. Next, rinse the saree in cold water, make sure the saree is free from all the soap

In case you have stained your saree, it is recommended to first spot-treat the garment before placing it in the tub filled with lukewarm water and mild soap. You can do so by gently dabbing the affected area, make sure not to rub as it will break the threads that hold the sequins together. Once out of the water, hold the saree tight and let it drip for sometime, do not wring it. Next lay the saree on a towel, so that all the water gets absorbed quickly. Remember not to hang the wet saree, as the water weight can cause harm.

How to store sequin sarees?

Sequin sarees online or at a retail store are kept very carefully as the delicate work requires love and care. When you buy sequin sarees online, it’s vital to know how to store them, as unlike the salesperson here it’s rare that a website will guide you through the process. Since sequenced items are often heavy due to the plastic or metal embellishment swed through the material such as wool, silk, cotton, or synthetic, hanging them is not a wise choice. It is advised to fold them to avoid all types of stress and distortion.

We advise to always store your sarees cleanly. A breathable cotton or mulmul cloth bag will protect the work from getting tangled with other clothing items and will also protect it from bugs.

Is it safe to iron sequin sarees?

Sequin sarees for wedding and parties are a hit, they sure make you look stunning and are hard to miss. However, when it comes to washing, storing, and ironing them, it seems like a task. While we have discussed the first two issues, the last one requires patience. Unlike regular sarees, a sequin saree can’t be ironed in the conventional fashion, as the sequins might get damaged. To remove the wrinkles, using a steam press is the best and safest option. In case you don’t have a steam press at home, just hover the regular iron on steam setting over the saree.

How much does a sequin saree cost?

Sequin sarees price depends on several factors like the quality of the base fabric, type of embellishment used - metal or plastic, amount of sequin and more. If you buy sequin sarees online you’ll find them in a variety of price ranges - starting from as low as a few hundreds and going up to double-digit figures in thousand.

Where to buy sequin sarees?

You can buy sequin sarees online as here you’ll get to see a lot of variety at the comfort of your home. Plus sequin sarees with price, fabric, care instruction, and other important information will come in handy and you can always go back for reference anytime you want,which is not the case with a retail store. Whatsoever maybe the case, always go for a trusted store.