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Silk Sarees


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Silk Sarees - Elegant and Fascinating Sarees for Every Women

Sarees are one of the most attractive, enticing, and glorious forms of ethnic wear that has gained popularity all over the world. To make this form of wear more intriguing, a range of sarees differing from their roots, fabrics, occasions are available to suffice the needs of every woman. One such part of these diversified sarees we will talk about is the silk sarees. 

The glamorous six-yard silk sarees have always been in trends for ages. Woven with the silk threads and blended with other synthetic fibers, accentuates the appearance of these sarees. With each silk saree holding its unique story from the roots where its origin took place, they create a separate fanbase in the heart of every woman. The silk sarees are known to present a royal look for the women as the emperor’s royal families initially wore most of these sarees.

Silk Sarees create a charisma forever due to the intricate design patterns, embroideries, and brocade that is made on the shimmering and glossy piece of fabric. 

Wanna know how you can find so many types of silk sarees, each with a unique touch? 

Silk Sarees are not only prominent because of the silk weaving process that differs from place to place, but also because of the history that made these sarees famous all over the world. Some of the silk sarees were created with inspiration from other nations.

There are some famous silk sarees with regal attractiveness and enticing artwork. Some of them are as follows:

Banarasi Silk Sarees: These sarees come from the ancient city of Bihar called Banaras(also ‘Varanasi’). Banarasi Silk Sarees reflects the traditional ecstasy through the silk threads and golden zari and brocade designs. You can wear these sarees at grand soirees or make it your memorable bridal wear. These sarees are filled with floral motifs and intricate designs along the borders and pallu.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees: The unique art of blending silk from South India and golden zari from Gujarat into different hues is what created the amazing and beautiful Kanjivaram Sarees. These sarees are famous for wedding wear as they brighten up the bridal look with golden brocade design and enticing artwork. You can also exhibit your marvelous outlook by wearing the kanjivaram silk sarees at festivals and traditional functions as they mark the cultural presence.

Tussar Silk Sarees: These sarees emerge from the famous ‘Silk City’ of Bihar called Bhagalpur. The Tussar Silk Sarees are known for their alluring and glossy textures that come from the manufacturing of silk threads extracted from tussar silkworms. The floral motifs and the monotonous hues make them an elegant and classy outfit for women of every age bar. You can also find sarees with geometric and striped patterns that outline the sarees along with your body curves.

Mysore Silk Sarees: These silk sarees mark the legacy of Karnataka, a southern state of India which contributes almost 45% of silk production of the country. The Mysore Silk Sarees came into existence when the Maharaja of Mysore, Krishna Raj Vadhiyar, attended Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebration in London where he was inspired by the enticing silk fabric worn by royal families. He then imported the power looms in India and started manufacturing the Mysore Silk Sarees with the help of skilled artisans. These sarees have amazing designs woven with silk threads that make the sarees look fabulous.

Paithani Sarees: These sarees reflect the traditional ecstasy as they are used in grand traditional functions or at weddings. Paithani sarees come from the town called Paithan in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. You will be overwhelmed with the varied designs that skilled artisans create on these silk and golden blended sarees. These sarees are made with pure silk threads interlocked with the golden zari work. There will be floral motifs with eloquent patterns of the peacock, and some of them include the kairi patterns too.

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees: These silk sarees are made in the Bhagalpur city of Bihar, which we mentioned as it is called the ‘Silk City’ too. Bhagalpuri sarees possess the bliss of exclusive silk sarees because of the enticing artwork and its affordability. The charm and elegance of these sarees are a prime factor for their popularity, and you can wear them for any function.

Art Silk Sarees: The most unique and eye-catching piece of outfit that has variations in the prints, patterns, and color hues at an affordable price is what attracts most of your attention. The varying patterns include new trends designed into the Kanjivaram Silk Saree itself. The grids and lines interlocked at the end of pallu with an enclosing border make the saree a phenomenal outfit for grand occasions.

Silk Sarees That Let You Meander With Ease

If you are eagerly looking for the silk sarees that are not too designed and heavy, then there are many other options available in the market. Some of them include the crepe silk sarees, chiffon silk sarees, georgette silk sarees, and even cotton silk sarees.

These sarees are a blend of silk with particular fabric that makes the saree suitable for every season and occasion. The lightweight and plain sarees with designs on the borders can suit your office wear outfit. The ease that comes with cotton or crepe silk sarees lets you wander the whole day without making you feel grumpy. They can also be a handy outfit for lounging at home or while attending a casual get-together. 

The silk material makes it easy to drape over any body type and fits the silhouette of your body by grooving along the curves.

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