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Flared Kurtis


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How to Wear Flared Kurti

The kurti has quickly become one of the most popular, common, and well-loved items of clothing among a huge range of demographics. This is an item that can be worn by men and women, that can be worn traditionally or in a more modern fashion, and that can be worn to posh events or casual get togethers.

What exactly is this seemingly magical item you ask? Essentially, it is a long top, or short skirt, that can be worn over the top of a number of other items ranging from jeans and leggings, to actual skirts and dresses.

What makes this such a great item then is that it can be used to make a plain outfit more colorful, or it can be used on its own in a longer fashion in order to be quite a formal item like a dress. It is flattering while not showing off the figure too much, and it is very comfortable and light and ideal for warmer weather (without being too cold for cooler times of year).

The flared kurti is exactly what it sounds like: a kurti that flares out at the sides. This has a beautiful flow to it and can swoop around as you move – making it a much more eye catching choice for wearing to events and parties, but also appropriate for office wear and casual.


The kurti has been a traditional item for both men and women in India for many hundreds of years. It has also been worn in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The outfit actually began life as a male garment, but became popular with women too. The kurti is sometimes used to describe the female version, though it can also be used to refer to the shorter variation.

Historically, the kurti was actually a fairly plain item made from a single fabric without too much pattern. It was very commonly made from cotton but eventually become more commonly made from silk. The silk variants were more popular with the wealthier members of society, which led to more floral and elaborate designs that were suitable for special events.

As more and more expats started settling in the West, the kurti became an increasingly popular item in the US and Europe. It was also adopted by the hippy movement in the 60s, which had a love of items from other cultures and also gravitated to colorful and more loosely fitted items – making the kurti the perfect choice!

Wearing Kurti

If you want to wear the flared kurti, then decide first whether you are looking for a more traditional or more modern pattern. Do you want a bold floral print, or some decorative embroidery?

You can wear a kurti as a formal or casual item. If you want to achieve a more formal look, then consider wearing it with a skirt or dress underneath. For a more modern and casual look that would be suitable for a casual office attire, or a party, then consider jeans or leggings underneath. Tighter jeans and leggings will help to offset the loose look of the kurti itself.

The kurti looks great with a matching scarf and can also be worn with jewelry.

If you take a look around this page, you’ll find a range of different options to satisfy your intended purpose.

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