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Rayon Kurtis


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Rayon Kurtis

Rayon is a fiber that is manufactured using regenerated cellulose fiber. It comes in many different types and is very popular among textiles and clothing.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of fabric is that it is so lightweight. And being made from natural plant fibers, it is also non-irritant and kind to the environment. This makes it the perfect fit for our range of stunning, comfortable, and beautiful kurtis.

So that’s rayon, just what then is a kurti? Well a kurti is a long top that comes from India and the surrounding countries. Kurtis are very popular today all across the world however, which is a testament to just how versatile they are.

Why Rayon Kurtis Are the Perfect Versatile Item of Clothing

The rayon kurti is a perfect item to keep in your wardrobe for many reasons.

For one, all kurtis are designed to be worn over the top of other items of clothing. As such, they are typically very lightweight and comfortable, and are ideal for a wide range of different events and different climates.

On a hot day while you’re being casual at home, you can wear a rayon kurtis on its own. It is loose fitting and will allow the skin to breathe and air to circulate.

On a cold day however, the kurti can be worn over the top of another item in order to keep you warmer and provide an additional layer of insulation (not to mention the insulation offered by the layer of air between your body and the kurti).

You can also use a rayon kurti over the top of a range of different types of legwear. It is common for kurtis to be worn on top of trousers or jeans for instance, which is a particularly good combination for wearing to the office – where it will be smart without being revealing or tight.

Likewise, kurti are also common worn over skirts. And the much longer designs can be worn on their own, almost as dresses.

For all these reasons, a lot of people find kurtis to be among their most convenient and versatile items of clothes and it’s no surprise that we now see them in so many women’s wardrobes! For expats ands second generation Indians, they are ideal as fusion wear too when combined with jeans or similar items. And if you want to go traditional? Then that is still an option too with the wide variety of beautiful, hand-embroidered kurtis!

Find Your Perfect Rayon Kurti Today

You’ll find a wide variety of different kurtis on this website to suit your every need. We have kurtis that are perfect for every kind of occasion and all of them are beautifully made. Not looking for Rayon kurtis? Then be sure to check out our other store pages!