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Designer Sarees


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Designer Sarees - Must Have Outfits for Special Events.

Saree is such a versatile Indian attire that looks adorable on women of all ages and of any body type. It is a long piece of cloth worn over the body with different draping styles that hugs the body and makes you look appealing with its beauty. To make a saree more attractive for special events, you can find a huge range of designer sarees online with varied patterns, embroideries, prints, fabrics and roots. Various designs, sequins, zari work blended with different fabrics is what makes simple sarees turn out to be the designer sarees suitable for soiree. You might have also seen famous Bollywood actresses wearing designer sarees at award functions and red carpet events to bring out the ethnic look with a modernist style.

With different cultures and traditions across each mile, it changes its definition by the artwork and uniqueness. Such as the Banarasi Silk Saree from Uttar Pradesh, Bandhani Saree from Gujarat, Kanjeevaram from Kerala, and many more, which we will have a look at a later stage. You get to choose designer sarees from these fantastic designs at StyleCaret from their roots. 

Create a style statement with designer sarees for different occasions

Sarees offer a handful of choices for women to wear on any event, be it a formal evening party, a wedding, or a traditional festival. With its countless colors, patterns, and works, you cannot restrict it for any particular occasion. 

Want to have a look at what occasions you can have sarees?


The only occasion where you will come across a variety of other outfits, but the one that steals the show is a saree. You can have any designer georgette or silk saree with heavy work or even go minimalistic with satin or crepe sarees for the wedding occasion.

Evening Parties:

Style needs to be revealed with every creative outfit that exists between us. Talking about the evening parties, you can show your style statement with a designer satin georgette saree that drapes over well without being too shimmering. Or you can even choose a heavy designer party wear saree while going to a soiree.

Office Wear:

No offices would allow fancy sarees as formal wear into office ambiance, but there are always ethnic days celebrated for traditional festivals, which could be a reason for you to pick up any designer saree for the event. Well, you can have a designer silk saree or georgette saree that doesn’t seem too heavy for such environments and even makes you feel comfortable. 


Women, without any second thought, go for sarees at festivals as they are a symbol of ethnic wear that desires the existence of festivals and cultures. With various designer sarees from each state, you can have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as the banarasi silk sarees or kanjeevaram sarees.

Flaunt your designer sarees with different draping styles:

As you might have seen, there are so many different cultures and styles varying from state to state, and thus varies their draping style. But, instead of going for the repeated patterns, we will have a look at some of the fashionable draping styles which you can experiment with your designer sarees. You can try these styles either for a wedding occasion or a festival celebration.

Belt Style Drape:

This is one of the most straightforward draping techniques where you have to wrap up a belt around your waist over the saree pleats. You can find the waist belt for sarees called “Kamarbandh” at any local store or online, which makes the outfit look appealing by styling your physique. You can try this style with the heavy work designer sarees as they shine out along with the waist belt.

Mermaid Style Drape:

Not widely seen, but you can try it out with a guide for draping in mermaid style. It spreads out the lower portion of saree, visualizing the tail of a mermaid. It would look difficult but involves extra pleats and tucks. You can try this style with the heavily embroidered sarees which have the floral work that can spread out with the mermaid style pleats. You can also make it a wedding saree with such a unique draping style.

Butterfly Style Drape:

This is the commonly seen draping style where you pin up the pleats of a saree on the shoulder by gathering all of them together in a smaller width. It makes you look slim and modish.

Front Pallu Style:

In this style, you have to prepare the pleats in a typical fashion but drape over from the backside instead of the front. You might have come across such style among the Gujarati women. This style can be applied for crepe or cotton saree with heavy designer work so that they look ideal for wedding occasions.

Some Types of Saree from Different Corners of India

When looking for a saree, you might have already heard about the Banarasi saree, Bandhani saree, or even Kanchipuram, as we previously mentioned. But, let us introduce you to some of the lesser-known origins of sarees that make their way into the portion of designer sarees.

Uppada Saree:

This saree is created with the silk threads that are hand weaved. It takes around 10-60 days for one saree to get ready as it has the silk threads along with zari work on them. Its origin lies in the Indian state named Andhra Pradesh. The specialty of this saree is that it is lightweight along with intrinsic artwork, which is done manually to make it look ostentatious. 

Kota Silk Saree:

This saree comes from the Kota city of Rajasthan, a northern state of India. It is a blend of cotton and silk weaved in checks patterns, also called ‘Khats’ in the local language. This saree is exceptionally lightweight and looks glorious with the patterns decorated on it.

Patola Saree:

It is a doubly woven saree from silk threads in Patan district of Gujarat, an Indian state. Only three families make it in a particular region, and it takes around six months to one year for making one saree as it involves multiple processes of dying each strand before weaving them together.

Maheshwari Saree:

It is a blend of cotton and pure silk threads woven together with brocade or zari in various designs. It derives its name from the town where it originated from, i.e , Maheshwari in Madhya Pradesh.

Buy Designer Sarees Online at StyleCaret with an Offer at a Further Step!

So after coming across such a variety of sarees, have you picked your favorite one? If not, then do check out the designs and intrinsic artwork sarees so that you don’t go empty-handed. 

We know how tedious it is to visit every local store and find the best sarees for your upcoming occasions. That’s the reason we at StyleCaret are trying to get the best quality pieces from different corners of the world at the tip of your fingertips. You can surf a lot of varying designer sarees on this page, which will be an elegant and chic outfit for any of the traditional or wedding functions.

You can also grab a great deal if you have visited us for the first time. Want to know more about it? Well, we at StyleCaret give our customers a fantastic offer, which is a 100% cashback as reward points for your first purchase. Sounds Interesting? Then don’t waste any further time in thinking about whether to buy your favorite saree or not and check out other party wear and traditional sarees as well. Till then, Happy Shopping!