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Durga Puja Sarees


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Durga Puja Sarees

Every state in India has its own cultural values which are shown through the festival celebrations. One of the festivals which creates a spiritual environment is Durga Puja. It is celebrated by Eastern India to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasur, who was a demon. Many people celebrate this festival as a devotion to the feminine power. You might have seen how gracefully all women celebrate the Durga Puja festival. 

If you are one of them and looking for a traditional saree to flaunt at the festival, then we have brought a collection of Durga Puja Sarees to make your shopping experience more convenient.

You can find a range of sarees to wear on Durga Puja, but the most aesthetically pleasing are the white sarees with red borders. 

You can explore the Durga Puja Sarees collection and see which one suits you the most. There are variations as per the patterns, colours, and designs to fulfil the interests of every woman. 

Discover the various facets of Durga Puja Sarees

You may know many women from Bengal are seen celebrating the Durga Puja festival. They are mostly draped with the combination of red and white colour saree as it is the traditional saree of Bengal. And, with the upcoming fashion trends, the designers and artisans have added more value to these sarees by experimenting with the colours and patterns.

Here, we have categorized the Durga Puja Sarees based on the fabric, patterns and weaves. So, you will find it easy to pick up your choices without fretting about the perfect sarees to wear at the festival.

  1. Choose the fabric:

The Durga Puja Sarees are available in every fabric such as the cotton, chiffon, silk, crepe, georgette and art silk. The Art Silk Sarees have become a trendy outfit among the new generations because they look adorable and are lightweight. You can find your choice by making sure which fabric suits you the most. Some people are comfortable with cotton, while some prefer silk. But you have other options as well.

The crepe sarees look perfect for women with slim figure and taller height. Same goes with the silk and art silk sarees. If you are a little over-sized, then opt for cotton sarees because they cover up the body gracefully and makes you look perfect.

You also have other options like linen or georgette, which are size-friendly fabrics. So, before buying any piece from the Durga Puja Sarees, find the material that makes you feel comfortable and fabulous.

  1. Find your favourite design:

Talking about the designs, you can find the Durga Puja Sarees made with prints, embroideries or hand-woven mirror and stonework on the borders and pallu. Some of the sarees even consist of brocade designs that adds a glamorous look to the sarees.

You will see sarees with block prints and an enticing border or the ones with small butti prints all over the six-yard. These sarees are adorned with beautiful work so as to add a glow to the festival with the dazzling appearance of sequins and Resham work.

If you want to have a plain saree with minimal prints, then you can find them too. Many of the plain sarees look best with vibrant red borders and some stripes repeated over the pallu. You can opt for them if you are not used to wearing heavy work sarees.

  1. Complete the outfit:

You need to accentuate the looks by pairing the Durga Puja Sarees with a designer blouse to match with the allure of sarees. Make sure to embellish the outfit with gold or beaded jewellery that matches with the saree’s colour. An essential thing to put on while wearing the saree for Durga Puja is to apply a dark red lipstick. Also, don’t forget to put a red bindi. We swear you will look like a goddess.

Get The Spiritual Vibes With Stylecaret’s Gorgeous Range Of Durga Puja Sarees For Wedding

Being one of the most popular and traditional festivals in East India, Bangali women dress most finely and elegantly on Durga Puja and visit big pandals to perform rituals. Hence they always look for a variety of glamorous, designer, classy and rich Durga Puja sarees to register their astonishing look among the crowd of thousands of people. We, at Stylecaret has brought you the most trendy yet traditional and stylish Durga Puja Sarees Online you can shop for within a few minutes without going anywhere. To get the cultural vibes, most women adopt heavy embroidered handmade famous Bengali Tant cotton sarees or Silk sarees in vibrant traditional colors like Red, Maroon, mustard yellow or orange, etc. We have a wide range of hand-woven, designer sarees to lock your traditional presence on this religious occasion.

There is also a variety of silk sarees like art silk, cotton silk, blended silk, and many more which are intricately hand-woven with golden zari and broad brocade designs. At Stylecaret, you can buy Durga Puja Sarees Online as per your fashion requirements. However, on this auspicious occasion, we are also presenting an amazing variety of digital printed Durga Puja sarees which are easier to carry while performing traditional “Aarti” in Pandal. The awesome designs in various patterns like floral, stripes, checks, buttis, etc in the rich fabric with golden embroidered pallu are sufficient enough to steal the show at the event. Visit Stylecaret now and find a myriad of designers and the latest Durga Puja Sarees With Price.

1. Temple Border Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees - What could be a better choice on Durga Puja to get the religious vibes than these Temple Border Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees with heavy embroidered big temple designs all over the pallu and borders. Nothing can match the elegance and magic of these intricate golden zari work embellished with sequins and mirrors for a grand effect. A soothing palette with a contrasting geometric pattern lends a stylish appeal to your overall personality.

2. Kerala Kasavu Silk Sarees - White shade silk sarees with broad golden borders is the most recognizable feature of these Kerala Kasavu Durga Puja sarees. They are highly-preferred by Kerala women to be worn on religious occasions due to the soft cotton and silk fabric. The intricate handwoven golden zari on all over the borders with pure gold yarns give them a royal look. It will be the perfect choice to be worn on Durga Puja.

3. Sparkling Cotton Sarees - If you are looking for the soft, firm, and breathable fabric in your Durga Puja Sarees to perform ritual conveniently, then opt for cotton sarees. You can choose from a plethora of beautiful designs and patterns such as heavy embellishments with sequins or rhinestones or brocade digital prints like flowers, buttis, or strips, etc. Go for vibrant colors like Red or maroon with patchwork or digital prints in unique patterns. They are light, airy, and well-textured to give you a charming and fascinating look.

4. Dhakai Jamdani Sarees - These Durga Puja sarees are quite famous for their adorable artistic patterns and a perfect blend of floral prints. Coming from Bengal, you will find a range of variety in terms of designs and patterns such as multicolored motifs of flowers, lines, fruits with thick borders are the most preferred ones. These single or double borders with designs like a check, stripes, and wavy lines will give you a unique traditional look.

5. Traditional Korial Sarees - These are some of the most famous Bengali sarees to be worn on Durga Puja. You should opt for silk Korial Durga Puja sarees with red borders. Women of all categories can wear these sarees to flaunt their timeless beauty. Pair it up with a red bindi and a casual bun.

Buy Durga Puja Sarees Online At StyleCaret!

If you want to look fabulous at the upcoming Durga Puja festival, then try picking up the sarees from our exclusive collection of Durga Puja Sarees. You don’t have to hop into local stores or showrooms to find the sarees as per your choice. You can find them all at StyleCaret where all your traditional attires have been given a special place.

You can get them delivered easily to your doorstep with just a few clicks away. We at StyleCaret also offer a worldwide shipping service to make the traditional sarees accessible in every corner of the world.

Are you a discount seeker? If yes, then we have a great deal for you. You can get a 100% cashback as reward points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret. So, hurry up and pick up your favourite styles from the collection of Durga Puja Sarees.

You can also explore our trending varieties of Jamdani Sarees, Kota Sarees, Banarasi Sarees and many more on the site.

FAQs On Durga Puja sarees

1. What should I wear on Durga Puja?

Since it is a religious occasion, you should choose traditional ethnic attire. You can choose from the variety available in the market like silk sarees, cotton sarees, or blended fabric sarees.

2. What are the famous Durga Puja sarees?

Tant silk sarees are the most traditional and famous Durga Puja sarees.

3. What are the famous sarees in Kolkata?

Some of the most famous Kolkata sarees are Tant, Jamdani, Baluchari, Murshidabad, or Garad silk, etc.

4. What is a Bengal cotton saree?

Bengali cotton sarees are well-textured sarees that are famous in West Bengal and Bangladesh. They have two types - Baluchari sarees and Tant sarees.

5. How can I style my Bengali sarees?

Pair it up with a red bindi. Make a good hairstyle with Gajra. Drap it in a unique style.