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Jamdani Sarees


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Jamdani Sarees

Women get so many options in clothing, right from modern to traditional. The variety of silk, cotton, georgette, and many other fabrics woven with each unique pattern and texture gives you countless outfits to choose from. And it becomes more intriguing when you have to select a saree. If you are looking for an elegant saree, then have a look at the adorable jamdani sarees. They are handwoven silk sarees which are soft and lightweight. 

Jamdani sarees need skillful practice to make precise weavings. They originated in the erstwhile state of Bengal. These sarees are also famed as Dhakai Jamdani Sarees. The word ‘Jamdani’ is believed to be from Persian origin, where ‘Jam’ means flowers, and ‘Dani’ means a vase.

Jamdani Sarees are famous because of the artistic decorative patterns and unique combination of floral prints. You can find various types of contemporary work on these sarees. They are also interwoven with cotton and linen threads with a variety of patterns carved on them. Jamdani sarees are famous as one of the finest muslin cloths from the times of the Mughal Empire, which dates back to almost the 3rd century BC.

People from out of India are also fond of the Jamdani sarees, and they take at least one of the sarees on their way back home. Hence, these sarees have become famous across the world too.

Make your wardrobe exuberating with jamdani sarees.

You will be overwhelmed by the beauty and art of these sarees. They are woven by skilled artisans and take almost six months to a year to complete one jamdani saree. The process of making these sarees is complicated and time-consuming, which ultimately leads to the creativity at its best. The interweaving of warps and wefts with supplementary motifs into the yarns adds an attractive look to the saree.

The popular motifs are named as per the designs such as Panna Hajar (thousand emeralds), buttidar (small flowers), duria (polka dots), charkona (rectangular motifs) and fulwar (flowers arranged in rows), etc. These names are commonly heard in the local markets where the jamdani sarees are manufactured as the weavers, and sellers are more used to the pattern names. There are various facets of the jamdani sarees, which differ as per the regions where it is manufactured. Some names of these sarees are Dhakai Jamdani (Bangladesh), Tangail Jamdani (Bangladesh), Dhaniakhali Jamdani (India), and Shantipur Jamdani (India). 

Jamdani sarees are available in a multitude of patterns and colors. The intricate designs include floral motifs and leaves. The motifs seem to float on the surface with translucent fabric, which provides a charming appearance that complements the look of jamdani sarees. The original sarees in Dhaka were woven with pure cotton, which offers light and soft fabric. But, the modern versions of jamdani sarees are created with a blend of cotton and silk, while sometimes with pure silk too. Some of these sarees even have a sheer glossy finish if the silk yarns are used to make them.

One more exciting thing about jamdani sarees is that you can get monotonous sarees as well as half and half saree in their patterns. 

Look your best with the jamdani sarees.

We know that many of you still cling around your wardrobe while selecting an outfit for a promising look, won’t you? Now you don’t have to keep doing so with the awe-inspiring jamdani sarees. You can wear them on any occasion, be it casual or formal. It can also be your daily wear outfit if you are fond of traditional wear sarees. The simplicity and delicacy with a bunch of creativity makes it a perfect casual wear saree too.

You can definitely wear it to the office as it looks minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. Choose a light blue color jamdani saree with white prints and head off to your Monday blues with an ethnic attire that will attract everyone's eyeballs. The reason that jamdani sarees are suitable as your office wear sarees is because they don’t look too dramatic and also adds a touch of regal appearance to your outfit.

Planning for a dinner with your better half? Then, select the vibrant shades of crimson red or black color jamdani saree to add a glow to your special moments. You can embellish the outfit with oxidized jewelry to accentuate your saree outfit.

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