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Mysore Silk Sarees


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Mysore Silk Sarees - An Elegant Fashion Pick From Karnataka

Mysore Silk Sarees come from the most famous silk-producing district in Karnataka called Mysore. About 45% of total silk production in the country comes from Karnataka itself. Mysore Silk Sarees are a pure, elegant artwork made of silk threads with golden zari and brocade designs. The exquisite patterns on the pallu and border of these sarees make them noteworthy. 

Mysore silk sarees have stolen the heart of many women since ages, and it continues to do so with its wide range of intricate design patterns. The floral motifs, mango butti and kairi shaped brocade make a popular choice for women in the market. Since so many years, the Mysore silk sarees have still made the vibrant, glorious ethnic touch and quality stuck to its bottom line.

History of Mysore Silk Sarees

The period of Tipu Sultan’s reign holds the credit for the growth of the silk industry in the Kingdom of Mysore.

Whereas the introduction of Mysore silk sarees was done by Maharaja of Mysore, Krishna Raj Vadhiyar who travelled to London to attend Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Celebration. He was inspired by the machine-made silk fabrics that the royal families wore. He then imported around 32 power looms to India and thus started manufacturing of Mysore silk sarees.

Initially, these sarees were more prominently used among the royal families. But as time passed, it became popular among the other people too.

The speciality of Mysore Silk Sarees

The unique and enticing artwork - Mysore Silk Sarees holds multiple types of work such as zari work, resham work and traditional prints. The eloquent motifs along the border and pallu make it adorable and classy wear on various occasions. The design patterns are weaved deliberately in geometric patterns to make the zari work look more pleasant and appealing. It accentuates the grandeur of Mysore silk sarees. 

Also, with the upcoming new trends, the fashionistas are experimenting with putting this art to the next level by creating customized sarees.

Colour Hues - The initial manufactures included basic colour palettes into the saree’s colour such as red, blue, orange and green. But with rising demand and parallel trends, they started introducing new colour shades such as brown, beige, grey, pink and some more to make the sarees available in every beautiful colour.

The luxurious and grand status - In the olden days, Mysore silk sarees were a mark of royalty where only the royal families donned them. But with passing time, it made its way to almost every kind of women’s closet and still holds the royal status.

Be The Style Diva At Occasions With The Mysore Silk Sarees

The Mysore silk sarees can be worn by women of all ages and any body type. There is no way that this ethnic wear presents any factor that can restrict women from wearing it. 

So, to make yourself stand out of the crowd and create a fantastic impression, you can wear the Mysore silk sarees for your special occasions such as weddings or formal parties. 

You can also wear them at traditional functions and festivals as they symbolize the rich culture and royalty, which can add a flavour of ethnic wear.

Styling Tips To Rise Your Fashion Game

If you are supposed to attend a wedding of your best friend or close relatives, then try the dark shaded Mysore silk saree by getting a beautiful and attractive hairdo. Secure the pallu on your shoulder delicately and let the rest of it fall on your arm. Make sure to embellish the outfit with some vibrant jewellery and let your curves make a move. We are sure that you will be attracting the attention of many people.

If you need to attend a grand soiree or casual get-together, then try the Mysore silk saree with mango butti and floral motifs infused on the border with a light shaded colour. This combination will make you look elegant and glorious in the shining lights of parties.

You can also have these sarees for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, which will bring some royal memories to which you can head back in the future.

Tips for maintaining a Mysore silk saree

Like most of the silk sarees in your wardrobe, Mysore silk saree also requires special care, ensuring its luster doesn't wear off with time. Here are a few tips for maintaining your Mysore saree -

  • Always dry clean: Avoid washing your silk saree at home, as the harsh chemicals in the detergent can harm the soft, fine silk fabric.
  • Air out after use: It is important to air out your Mysore silk saree or any other silk saree for that matter after wearing.
  • Never wring your saree: Wringing is a big no-no when it comes to silk sarees as it damages the fabric. Instead, roll the saree in a well-absorbing towel, so that most of the moisture is taken away. Next, hang the saree in shade, make sure no direct sunlight falls on it, as it'll fade the saree.
  • Use saree bags: Make a point to store your silk sarees in cotton or muslin saree bags that are easily available in the market and even online.
  • Refolding is essential: Silk saree  needs refolding every three months, preventing tearing via fold lines.
  • Store the saree in dry & dark places: This practice will keep your Mysore silk saree's colour intact; in short, it'll prevent any fading.
  • Keep moths and silverfish away: For this, you can use naphthalene balls, but make sure they are not in direct contact with the silk saree as they can harm the zari work. If possible, use neem leaves

Bonus tips

Don't throw away the silica gel sachets you get with handbags and shoes. Keep them with the silk sarees as they absorb all the unwanted moisture
For that beautiful fall and crisp pleats, iron your silk saree before draping

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FAQs on Mysore Silk Sarees

What is the cost of Mysore silk saree?

Mysore silk sarees are quite popular for their rich fabric - a mix of fine silk and gold zari, butter-soft feel, distinctive drape, and non-crush quality. The Mysore silk saree price depends on the purity of silk and zari put to use. Budget versions are also available that come with artificial fabric and intimate zari. Customers can buy Mysore silk saree online, with its price starting from a few hundred and going up to double-digit figures in thousand.

What is Mysore silk saree?

Mysore silk saree comes from the South Indian state of Karnataka. They originated in the royal land of silk and sandalwood, Mysore, and is one of India's most popular handloom sarees. It was during the reign of Tipu Sultan that the Mysore silk saree came into popularity. These days, customers can buy Mysore silk saree online; they come in a variety of color options and usually feature subtle motifs. Its extraordinary sheen and luster make them a perfect attire for big occasions. When buying a Mysore silk saree for wedding, make sure to go for a respectable and genuine website or retail outlet.

Why are Mysore silk sarees expensive?

Mysore silk saree price depends upon the authenticity of the zari and silk. A good quality, genuine Mysore silk saree features 65% pure silver, 0.65% gold, and silk, justifying the high cost. One can find affordable Mysore silk saree online with beautiful embroidery.

What is famous to buy in Mysore?

Mysore is a district located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. When visiting Mysore, one must check out the silk sarees, sandalwood products, sculpture, coffee power, Mysore betel leaves, Mysore painting, Mysore rosewood inlay artifacts, incense sticks, and Channapatna toys. These days, customers can go for Mysore silk saree online shopping; however, it is best to check out the beautiful creations once in paradise. Not visiting Mysore? Fret not, as interested buyers can also check out beautiful Mysore silk saree with price at various reliable online platforms like Stylecaret.

Which silk is famous in Karnataka?

Out of the 20,000 metric tons of mulberry silk produced nationwide, 9,000 metric tons come from Karnataka, i.e., 45% of India's mulberry silk produce. To be more specific, most of the silk produced in Karnataka comes from the Mysore district.