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Tussar Silk Sarees


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Tussar Silk Saree - A Pure Artwork From Silk

Tussar Silk is created from the larvae of particular species of Tussar silkworm, which feed on various trees in wild forests. The processing of silkworms brings out the short and smooth silk fibers, which are then used in making the Tussar Silk Sarees. Highly skilled women are involved in the processing of tussar silk. The sarees made with this silk threads are woven with golden threads and embellished with zari work that puts a sheer shine of gold on the surface.

Tussar Silk Sarees are also known as ‘Kosa Silk,’ and they are famous for their alluring and smooth enticing textures. The classic combination of silk and golden threads put a dazzling shine and glamour to the sarees. Tussar Silk Sarees are widely produced in Bhagalpur city of Bihar, which is also famous for the production of Bhagalpuri Sarees. Due to its immense popularity in silk production, Bhagalpur is known as the ‘Silk City’ of India.

You can find a wide variety of Tussar Silk Sarees ranging from contemporary to ethnic and modern to traditional designs. It is famous for its glorious patterns and shiny looks that emerges from the weaving of pure silk threads. The creative and innovative patterns woven on the borders and pallus, make these sarees accentuate the looks of women. They fit your body curves and present your body shapes with a fantastic bliss.

The uniqueness of Tussar Silk Sarees:

The one thing that makes the tussar silk sarees unique is the resham work made with golden zari and intertwined in different geometric patterns. These sarees also have designs made of floral motifs owing to the natural escape. They are also famous because of the detailed brocade patterns which attract many eyes out there.

Most of the Tussar Silk Sarees also come in a combination of all the designs. The different elements and contrasting colors on pallu and borders are what adds a unique taste to these silk sarees.

Don’t wait for the best time to wear your favorite tussar silk sarees:

We know that women always look for some reason to bring out their favorite sarees. But why you should wait for an occasion when you can have these light, breathable and soft silk sarees at any point in time. 

Occasions come and go, and there is no limit to that. But you can also wear these sarees in your daily routines as they don’t make you feel unwieldy or uncomfortable. The soft silk fabric fits well to your body figure and doesn’t keep on falling off. Also, you will not feel heavy as the designs are made with silk and golden threads. So, make a way out of all the reasons and get the tussar silk saree for your daily wear.

Being elegant and simple, you can add it to your office wear too. You can go for the sober patterns to wear at the office. Also, the dark shades of Tussar Silk Sarees make them suitable to wear on traditional functions, festivals, and even at weddings. 

You can also gift these sarees to your dear ones on special occasions to add a flavor to the event. Tussar Silk Sarees look luxurious and glorious even though they don’t have heavy work on them. So it makes them feasible to wear on grand soiree or get-togethers.

You can imagine yourself draped in the dark pastels with your favorite matte lipstick and embellished with jewelry. Sounds lovely, isn’t it? So, you don’t have to wait for any particular occasion to buy these blissful tussar silk sarees and add them to your closet.

For styling, you can pair the saree with a designer blouse with a unique pattern to embrace your saree look.

You can also come across the bollywood divas flaunting the tussar silk sarees in movies and at award functions. So, why can’t you have this incredible beauty in your closet?

Buy Tussar Silk Sarees Online at StyleCaret!

By now, you have found the reasons why the tussar silk sarees are famous across every women’s outfit and what is their uniqueness. We are sure that it has already made a place in your heart. Isn’t it?

So to fulfill your heart’s need and make your closet filled with another masterpiece, you can have a look at a wide range of tussar silk sarees on this page. You can find all the color shades of your choice right from dark to light and other pastel colors. Also, you can find a range of designs, such as brocade or geometric patterns, floral motifs, and line patterns. We bet that you will not go empty-handed with such a beautiful range of sarees on this page.

We also provide worldwide shipping of our products to make the ethnic wear available at the hands of every woman in the world. You don’t have to think about the quality of the fabric, because we at StyleCaret do not compromise on the excellent quality of our products. We try to bring the best pieces from different vendors and make them available to your doorstep with just a few clicks away.

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