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Bhagalpuri Sarees


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Bhagalpuri Sarees - The Ethnic Art from Bihar

The Bhagalpuri sarees have emerged from the famous city ‘Bhagalpur’ of Bihar. The history states that Bhagalpuri Sarees were started over 200 years ago by subtle craftsmen. What makes them unique is the dyeing that it offers. Various dyeing techniques are used on the silk cloth that speaks the uniqueness of Bhagalpuri sarees. Previously the dyeing methods included only vegetable dyes, but nowadays, the craftsmen have started acid dyes too. The reason behind starting acid dyes is that it is readily available in the market and suits the silk fabric.

Another intriguing fact is that the Bhagalpuri Sarees not only rule the Indian market, but it is also exported all over the world. It means that these sarees are adored by women out of India too.

Due to the fame of Bhagalpuri Sarees, the city of Bhagalpur is also famous as ‘Silk City.’ It is known as one of the major cities to produce exceptional quality silk sarees in India. There are various silks such as Tussar, Katia, mulberry, and Giccha, which are used to make these beautiful sarees.

What makes the Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees so unique?

The Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are known for the use of the finest quality of Mulberry silk. You can find a good Bhagalpuri Silk Saree online as well, be sure about the quality, as many cheap imitations are now available these days that use artificial fabric and low-quality Tussar silk. Here are a few highlights of the Bhagalpuri Silk Saree that'll further assure its uniqueness.
  • The fabric for the Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees is sourced from the finest silk cocoons
  • Compare to other silk sarees, the Bhagalpuri Silk Saree has a slightly coarse texture
  • They are the perfect attire for a traditional event and. Also, Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees online are available in a variety of bright colour options like yellow, red, orange, green
  • The motifs on a Bhagalpuri saree largely comprise of natural elements and are inspired by Mugal era
  • They are available in many varieties as well. These days customers can buy great Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees online and has a great variety at their disposal as well like there is Ghicha Bhagalpuri saree, Mulberry Bhagalpuri saree, Eri Bhagalpuri saree, Katia Bhagalpuri saree

Why should you have Bhagalpuri Sarees?

The main reason to have Bhagalpuri Sarees is that it will glow up your look by fitting into every color shade. The color pastels range from dark colors to light colors, which makes it easy for any woman to grab them as a unique and pleasant outfit. But most of the uniqueness of these sarees is seen from colors like light brown, beige, and white. This is the only saree that looks amazing in both the vibrant and light colors.

The silk used in weaving Bhagalpuri Sarees is one of the finest silk in India. The weavings are simple, charming, and look classy. 

Bhagalpuri sarees are lightweight and keep your skin breathable. It is suitable for every season and every occasion. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and ornate designs, you won’t have to worry about what to wear for any event.

You can have the choice of either opting for a printed or woven Bhagalpuri Sarees as both these patterns are alluring and look fantastic when embellished with jewelry.

To brighten up your look and your closet, you should have this enticing piece to add a charm to both of them.

Occasions for wearing Bhagalpuri Sarees:

Owing to the grand look of Bhagalpuri Saree, you can wear it at festivals, traditional functions or weddings. With the charming look and dazzling colors, you will be amazed by the glow that this saree will put on you. You can also wear it at the traditional functions of the office as they appear elegant for such an ambiance.

You can also gift it to your loved ones on their birthday or anniversaries to make it a unique gift amongst all.

Styling tips for Bhagalpuri Sarees:

The outfit will bloom when you embellish it with proper jewelry. To be precise, you have to transform your look according to the color palette of your saree. If you have chosen a dark shade, then you need to embellish heavy jewelry with matching color and drape over the pallu on the shoulder. 

If you have selected the light pastels, then there is no need to put on heavy jewelry as it will not suit the saree’s silk. Try to be as simple as you can by wearing single necklaces and hoop earrings. Also, keep the pleats tucked in with pins and do try a Kamarbandh (saree belt), which will accentuate the look. 

For blouse designs, you will have many options depending on your choice. You can pair the Bhagalpuri sarees with a high neck blouse or halter neck blouse. Try to keep the blouse with either full sleeves or sleeveless as they both look appealing.

Tips for maintaining Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

To maintain the shine and colour of a Bhagalpuri Silk Saree, it is suggested to get them dry clean. It is also advised to store them in air-tight boxes, wrapped in translucent paper, as moisture can damage the fabric

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FAQs on Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

Is Bhagalpuri silk good?

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are made from pure Tussar silk or Bhagalpuri silk. This particular silk is known as the 'Queen of all fabrics' and is famous for its superior quality, fine texture, and unique resilience. The Bhagalpuri silk is a symbol of class and elegance. It also holds a key place in silk lovers' hearts and is a no-less than a dream attire. Apart from sarees, it is used to make scarves, stoles, etc.

What is Kosa saree?

Kosa silk sarees are made of Kosa silk derived from an Indian silkworm called Antheraea Mylitta, whose cocoons grow on the trees of Arjun, Saja, and Sal. Though the Kosa silk saree is found in several natural shades of orange, dark honey, pale golden, fawn, cream, and more, it's the dull golden brown texture is its signature trait.

What are the different types of sarees?

India is a country well known for its diversity, be it cultural, religious, landscape, food, or clothing. Speaking of clothing, the saree - the nine-yard beauty, binds us all together and is something most Indian women cherish. If you wish to expand your saree collection, we'll like to inform you that a wide variety is available, with most states having their staple saree. For instance, we have Taant from West Bengal, Kanjivaram & Konrad from Tamil Nadu, Kasavu from Kelera, Sambalpuri & Bomkai from Odisha, Bandhani from Gujarat, Banarasi from Varanasi, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Leheriya from Rajasthan, Chikankari from Lucknow, Phulkari from Punjab, Pochampally from Telangana, Munga from Assam, and Paithani from Maharashtra.

Who is the best saree?

India is the birthplace of sarees with almost fifteen different kinds available easily both online and at retail outlets. While each type of saree has its own uniqueness, there are a few that you'll find in most of the saree enthusiasts list. Like the Banarasi saree from Varanasi, Kanjivaram saree from Tamil Nadu, even the Bhagalpuri saree from Bhagalpur state.

Which silk is softest?

Silk is a natural fiber made from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm through a process called Sericulture. Known for its shimmering appearance, it features unique interrupting weave-like patterns owing to its natural fibre. A no of silk is available like Angora silk, Art Silk, Bomkai Silk, Bhagalpuri silk, Bangalore silk, Chanderi silk, Cot silk, Dharmavaram silk, Eri silk, Uppada Silk, Tussar silk, Paat silk, Raw silk, Mulberry silk, Katan silk, Jamdani silk, to name a few. Each of these silks has a characteristic of its own like the Angora silk yarn is made up of the world's softest thread. The Bhagalpuri silk sarees, on the other hand, are known for their superior quality and striking resilience.