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Cotton Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis

The kurti is a beautiful, light, fitted top that can be worn over other items of clothes, almost as a dress. On this page, you will find a wide range of cotton kurtis, which are convenient to look after, comfortable to wear, and beautiful to look at!

History of the Kurti

The kurti or kurta is an outfit that hails from India but also beyond that country’s borders to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and many other regions. Its journey across the globe has continued to this day, and now it is worn all around the world – no doubt a testament to just how attractive, versatile, and convenient this item of clothing really is.

The kurti and kurta can be worn by either men or women. It was traditionally originally worn primarily by men in fact, before it became regular for women as well. Sometimes the term ‘kurti’ is used to refer explicitly to the feminine version (as opposed to the masculine kurta), but these terms may be used interchangeably and are also often used to refer to the short and long versions.

Kurtis were popular among scholars, artists, and poets during the early 19th century. Back then, the item was a very simple design – typically made from common fabrics and with no elaborate designs. In fact, the cotton kurti was one of the original designs!

Another interesting aspect of the kurti, is that unlike many other items of clothing in the region around that time, it was not particularly favored by any class or region. Krutis were worn by the rich and the poor, all around the country!


Today, kurtis are worn by a wide range of people and are particularly popular among women. Here, they are often worn as office-wear, and offer the perfect option for wearing over the top of jeans, leggings, or even skirts.

The versatility of the kurti is such that it can be worn to formal events, or to casual days hanging out with friends. At the same time, the kurti is a very comfortable item of clothing that is also suitable throughout the year thanks to the fact that it is light fitting and can be worn over other items of clothing.

For all these reasons, many people will choose to wear kurtis and keep them in their wardrobe as a go-to item of clothing. In fact, with a few bottom halves and a few kurtis, you will be ready for pretty much any occasion.

On This Site

On this site, you will find a wide range of cotton kurtis. These are warm, soft, and highly comfortable kurtis that are also very traditional. We have short kurtis, long kurtas, and a variety of different styles such as the asymmetric kurti.