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For any woman out there, the first thing that matters when it comes to clothes, comfort and fashion in trend. However, it is a paradise for them if they both come together. One such fabric that has been in talks and trending is Velvet. The material made a come back in the fashion industry a while ago, and ever since it has picked up, there is no stopping it. Saree is the epitome of Indian culture and is recognized globally as a part of Indian culture. Lately, a saree trend that caught everyone's attention is Velvet Saree. With wide varied of velvet saree available with different designer and traditional blouses and patterns, there is something stored in for everyone.

Much like a modern-day love affair, we live in an era where we are uncontrollably drowned to new fashion trends which we but to own it without second-guessing. That is the kind of effect the Velvet Saree has on ladies. This gorgeous saree trend doesn't just make you look royal but also boosts your confidence as well as keeps you warm. Those reasons should be enough for you to be convinced and buy the velvet sarees without doubts. But if you're wondering where to buy it from, here we are. We bring various brands here at a single platform for the customers to make their independent choice. Brands are here to make sure you are satisfied and happy with the product or garment you buy.

Know About Velvet

Originally Velvet was worn by the aristocrats because of the soft feather-like texture of the fabric and the rich quality. Velvet was first discovered by Kashmiri merchants in 809 AD, by nobility from Baghdad, making the fabric historically rich. Cairo became the most extensive exporter and manufacturer of the fabric, which was now gaining popularity all over the world. Velvet soon became the symbol of prosperity and unaltered beauty and was in demand more than ever with common people trying to incorporate it in there wardrobe.


The process of making one of the most desirable garments of the world involves a machine that creates a double layer of the fabric. However, Velvet was a handmade material that took long hours, days, weeks, and months to prepare, which is why essentially, it was only affordable to the elite or upper class. There is a wide range to choose from within Velvet family; crushed Velvet, Devore velvet, velveteen, and may more. But if we had to pick a winner, it would be Kuba velvet made by people of Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The new fashion journey began as the trend of Velvet returned.

Stand Out and Tall with Velvet Sarees

If you are headed for any wedding function or a weekend or week long wedding make sure you stand out by bringing the latest fashion and by bringing your A-game on, one can win the hearts of present there. These sarees are generally worn in bright colors like black, navy blue, maroon with golden work and embellished making the saree gorgeous and heavy, which further made it fit for every function. Alternatively, one can keep the saree plain with a beautiful border and pair it with a heavy blouse with golden work all over the blouse, giving it a royal look. If accessorized well, the entire look can be regal, making the lady feel special and stand out. There are other versions of velvet sarees with printed pallu and embellished borders, net and velvet combination which are great options as well.


With so many Bollywood weddings gone by one definitely can't miss the velvet sarees chosen by other actresses. The Chandani of Bollywood was seen wearing contrasting velvet sarees that would break the monotony of the color. Similarly, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan was seen wearing her traditional Bengali saree in velvet to once such occasion as well. The Bollywood beauties embraced the trend and soon help it gain the popularity it has achieved. This Saree makes an elegant outfit when worn at weddings and other similar occasions.