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Wedding Kurtis


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Wedding Kurtis

The kurti is increasingly making its way into a wide variety of different situations. Originally, this is a traditional item from India and Asia that was worn by a wide variety of men and women and would typically feature mostly plain designs in either silk or cotton.

Since then, kurtis spread in order to become more commonly worn by women, and with a range of stunning, embroidered, traditional designs. These types of kurti were often worn to weddings and other special events, where they would prove to be suitably beautiful.

Now kurtis are everywhere again – but also found in a range of other countries. Kurtis are particularly popular among women as office wear, owing to their convenience and versatility. A kurti will go perfectly with a pair of trousers or jeans and will look like the ideal fusion wear in this way.

But they can still be worn to weddings and other special occasions. And that’s what you’re going to find here.

Kurtis for Weddings

The kurti is typically a long top or short dress. It is often worn over the top of jeans or trousers, and potentially over a top as well. It might also be worn with a waistcoat. Kurtis normally have deep necklines and will often have no sleeves.

When worn to weddings, kurtis look best worn with other traditional wear, and either as longer items or with leggings. If you are attending a traditional Indian wedding, then a kurti with a beautiful embroidered pattern will work particularly well.

Women often wear kurtis with fitted churidar or salwar when they want to go for the traditional look. Men can also wear the kurta variation (sometimes this word is used to refer to the male variant) and for a wedding this is best worn with a pajama.

You can dress up kurtis in a number of different ways. They look ideal for instance when worn with hoop earrings, or with smoky eye makeup. You can also accessorize with bags and scarves.

Find Wedding Kurtis Online

On this page, you will find a wide range of beautiful wedding kurtis, each with different styles and patterns to suite a range of occasions. You will find long kurti with silk or crepe fabrics that are figure hugging and that feature beautiful, traditional, embroidered designs. You’ll also find more modern fabrics and prints that can be worn as dresses to modern weddings.

Kurti come in a wide variety of colors – from pastels and beige shades, to deep reds that can look stunning with a red lipstick.

The kurti is ideal for weddings and other special occasions, but as mentioned, it can also be used in a range of other scenarios – from officewear to loungewear! Such is the versatility of the kurti. Look around our site and you’ll find we have the whole gamut in stock!