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Kanchipuram Sarees


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Kanchipuram Sarees - Where tradition meet fashion

India is famous for its traditional culture and for its diversity that varies across every mile. The speciality of every state marks the uniqueness because of their history and distinctive nature. The same legacy goes for the sarees. The Kanchipuram sarees are one of the traditional and ethnic wears of South India where they have ruled the hearts of women since so many years. But now the craze of Kanchipuram sarees is not limited to South India because the beauty of these sarees has made a place in the wardrobe of every woman across the world.

The Kanchipuram sarees are famous because of their vibrant colours, luxurious art and tremendous use of golden zari with silk threads. The name of this saree is given after the temple city of Tamil Nadu called Kanchipuram. It is famous for its silk production and accounts for the significant economic contribution of the state.

History of Kanchipuram Sarees

The origin of Kanchipuram Sarees dates long back to 400 years in the Kanchipuram city. The creation of these sarees really took off during the reign of Krishna Devaraya(from Vijayanagar Empire). The Devangas and Saligars who were the two major weaving communities from Andhra Pradesh migrated to the Kanchipuram city. They used their subtle art and started weaving the Kanchipuram Sarees with the inspiring designs of temples around the city.

Since then these sarees became prominent wear among women for weddings, festivals, traditional occasions and are still continuing the legacy. It didn’t take much time to evolve into popular wear among women in South India.

Weaving Process Of Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram sarees are progressively holding a special place in all women's traditional ethnic collections because of their rich gold borders, broad traditional designs, and pure mulberry silk fabric in contrast colors. If you want to enhance the grace of your wardrobe with authentic Kanchipuram Saree consisting of fine fabrics woven with pure silk threads and mind-blowing finishing touches, then checking out our Latest Kanchipuram Saree Collection is the first thing you should go for. However, weaving these Kanchipuram Sarees involves an extensive and time-consuming process. First, the silk thread is dipped in the rice water and then properly dried before using it to deliver thickness and firmness. After that, it gets interlocked with a thin silver wire and woven with the golden thread. The pallu, the border, and the body of these Kanchipuram Sarees are woven separately with different colors and designs from each other by dividing raw silk into parts and dyed in different colors. Also, since the zari is made of silk threads, the fabric contains strong durability. These traditionally woven sarees are lightweight and soft with fine weaving of pure silk. Choose from our Latest Kanchipuram Saree Collection With Price. Each piece of our Kanchipuram Silk Saree For Weddings is characteristically and precisely designed for women looking for a voluminous silhouette to embark their presence in traditional weddings or ceremonies.

The speciality of the Kanchipuram Sarees

The most intriguing fact is that Kanchipuram Sarees are the most popular competitors for the Banarasi Sarees from North India. Both the sarees possess luxurious feeling and high-quality fabric, which creates confusion among the women who love to wear these cultural and traditional sarees. 

What makes these Kanchipuram Sarees different from the Banarasi Sarees is the graceful texture, colour shades and most importantly, the design patterns. The patterns woven with silk and golden zari on Kanchipuram sarees are mostly an inspiration of geometric patterns, temples, peacocks, tales from Hindu Mythology such as Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwat Geeta and floral motifs which enhance the beauty of these sarees.

Now Style Your Traditional Look With A Variety of Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram saree is the ultimate symbol of sheer beauty with elegance and class. Irrespective of the occasions, Kanchipuram silk sarees are always the best pick. Here are a variety of Kanchipuram sarees you can try. Check out our Kanchipuram silk sarees for weddings with price for more information.

  1. Plain Kanchipuram Saree with Gold Border - Contrast weaved or zari border with one base color is the recognizing feature of these pattu sarees.
  2. Temple Border Kanchipuram Saree - Indicated by its name, these sarees are decorated with temple borders designs either in the saree edge or between pallus.
  3. Traditional Kanchipuram Saree - The glamorous checks, coins, or chakra motifs with traditional colors make these sarees the preferable choice among women.
  4. Floral Weave Kanchipuram sarees - These sarees come with astonishing floral motifs across all over the body of the saree with zari pallu.
  5. Modern Kanchipuram Sarees - The impressive styles of motifs and designs with different colors from traditional ones are the most recognizable features of these exceptional modern Kanchipuram sarees.
  6. Multi-colored Kanchipuram Saree - The beautiful multi-colored Kanchipuram sarees can make any woman look astonishing at any function. The eye-catching combination of neon shades like blue, green, yellow, red, etc with heavy woven pallu makes it an ideal choice for a voluminous silhouette.

Go forth and be fabulous with Kanchipuram Sarees

Increase your styling game with the golden shaded Kanchipuram sarees. Try out different designs and patterns that will bring out the ocean full of new styles. The shimmering golden colour blended with vibrant colours makes the best combination that no one would like to get over. Pick the Kanchipuram saree from the plethora of designs and colours as per your taste and make a glorious style statement.

Be it a wedding or reception, pick up the dark hues such as olive green, dark brown, navy blue or purple colour Kanchipuram saree, put on a maang tikka, embellish the outfit with golden jewellery and carry on a perfect hairdo. You will feel so amazing and confident with such a royal and luxurious wear that no one will take their eyes away from you. 

Need to attend a grand soiree? Then grab a beige, baby pink or white colour Kanchipuram saree. Carry a clutch and put over some drop earrings with minimalistic design to put a dazzling look to your outfit. You will exude sheer elegance and be an attraction with such exuberant saree in the grand event.

You can also make your mom’s birthday memorable by gifting her an exquisite Kanchipuram saree of her favourite colour. Don’t you think she will blush with immense happiness? So, check out some amazing colours and patterns on this page that will make her birthday special.

Buy Kanchipuram Sarees online at StyleCaret!

We are sure that by now you may have already fallen in love with the Kanchipuram Sarees, aren’t you? So what are you waiting for? Do not let these sarees go away from your wishlist if you love them because they are worth adding to your closet. You will definitely cherish them forever, and maybe it will become an heirloom that you will pass on to your future generations.

The collection of Kanchipuram Sarees at StyleCaret is specially curated for desiring customers like you. The mesmerizing patterns exude grace and happiness that no other outfit can provide you. You will get your favourite Kanchipuram sarees delivered at your doorstep even if you are sitting in any corner of the world.

We at StyleCaret are proud to provide you with the best quality products that will put a smile on your face. Looking for any discount? Great, we have a fantastic offer for you. Check out any of your dearest saree and get 100% cashback as reward points on your first purchase with StyleCaret. We hope that now you are looking forward to buying yourself one of a kind and dazzle as a style diva with the most enticing Kanchipuram saree.

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FAQs on Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Where can I find Kanchipuram silk sarees?

Kanchipuram in South-India is extremely famous for beautifully Kanchipuram silk sarees weaved from pure Mulberry silk and zari which gives these sarees unique and rich looks. They are recognized by the traditional border designs with gold zari and the weight.

Is there any difference between Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram sarees?

No. Kanchipuram is also known as Kanjivaram, a traditionally woven silk from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Which silk sarees are the most expensive ones?

Vivaah Patu is the most expensive silk sarees in the world. Thanks, to the use of Navratna stones and gold embroidery.

How can I recognize Kanchipuram silk sarees?

The patterns are woven with silk and golden zari and decorated with traditional motifs such as peacock, floral, and tales from Hindu Mythology such as Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Bhagwat Geeta.

How much does a Kanjeevaram saree cost?

A basic pattu saree costs around Rs. 25000. However, the prices vary as per the quality of silk, weaving work, and zari border.

Latest Kanchipuram Sarees Collection Price June, 2024

Kanchipuram Sarees Products Price
Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Orange₹2,147.00
Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Rani Pink₹2,147.00
Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Green₹2,147.00
Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Beige₹2,147.00
Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Lime Green₹2,147.00
Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Yellow₹2,147.00
Kanchipuram Sarees - Parrot Grean₹2,518.00
Kanchipuram Sarees - Deep Peach₹2,518.00
Kanchipuram Sarees - Cream₹2,518.00
Kanchipuram Sarees - Lime Green₹2,518.00

Kanchipuram Sarees Price last updated on 22/6/2024