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Uppada Sarees


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Uppada Sarees

We know many of you might have worn your mom’s saree and felt grateful with the experience. We want to introduce you to the elegant Uppada Sarees that offer the same motherly feeling through its designs and weavings. They come from the Uppada district of Andhra Pradesh which lies in the southern hemisphere of India.

Uppada sarees are made from a cotton and silk wrap which provides a soft and silky texture to the fabric. They are lightweight and breathable so that you can opt for them at any time over the year. They are woven with non-mechanical techniques. The warps and wefts of Uppada sarees are intertwined at definite lengths which makes them appear unique and perfect.

Uppada sarees have zari work on the borders that adds an enticing look to them. The Uppada silk sarees are made with an old Jamdani method. Hence, they are also known as Uppada Jamdani Sarees.

Origin of Uppada Sarees

Uppada sarees originated in Andhra Pradesh with a handweaving technique of Jamdani. Initially, Jamdani was not so popular in the country. Also, the decline of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century extended the popularity of these sarees. But, they slowly started getting added into the outfits of Uppada people and became popular across the country after a decade.

What Is The Jamdani Weaving Technique Of Making Uppada Sarees?

Popular among women for its impressive and unique motifs designs, the process of weaving Uppada Sarees is the fine result of the intricate labor of the weavers that spend around 10 hours each day in weaving. It takes around 10-60 days to weave a single saree due to the involvement of many aspects such as laying out the designs, interweaving the silk with hands, and looming without using any modern weaving equipment. The special feature of these sarees is their innovative way of weaving in such a manner that you can see the designs on both sides of the sarees. If you are looking for Uppada sarees with heavy zari embellishments to embark your traditional presence, we bring you an exclusive range of uppada sarees for weddings. Buy uppada sarees online at Stylecaret with vivid shades of colors and varieties of floral pallus.

These sarees are made using the old weft technique of weaving ie. Jamdani where the term “Jam” stands for flower while “Dani” stands for Vase. So these sarees reflect the astonishing flowery patterns in the form of butidar prints, or tercha prints, or jhalar prints. Each saree is a unique masterpiece and what makes it even more valuable and in-demand is its motif designs each of which is crafted by adding thick threads to fine warp threads.

The weaving technique of these Uppada sarees involves carving the desired design on the graph paper as a blueprint and then shifting it in the warp for wefting the patterns on the silk fabric for accuracy. Now we can know why the jamdani pattern of weaving the saree is considered to be one of the most advanced techniques of weaving.

First, the yarns are washed and then get colored by dipping them in a boiler to set the color perfectly in the yarns. It is again washed, dried, and then starched. Starching of the yarn is done to ensure the lasting nature and a polished look of the yarns. After that, the yarn is brought to the weavers for setting the warp and weft like any other handloom weaving process. It is then followed by loading the yarn onto the throw shuttle. The length of the yarn is known as Pacham and it takes around a week to weave one Pacham of four sarees. Jamdani is simply a fine muslin cloth with decorative motifs weaved on the loom. Undoubtedly, this weaving technique is extremely laborious and time-consuming making these Uppada sarees precious and popular.

Why should you choose Uppada Sarees?

You might wonder why to select the uppada sarees when you have a bunch of other designer sarees in the array, right? So to make you fall in love with them, we want to tell you that the uppada sarees offer a traditional touch of handloom weaving that is done by skilled artisans. Also, the vibrant colour shades with alluring border embroideries makes them look attractive.

The cotton and silk fabric adds richness to the quality of Uppada Sarees and also makes them light and comfortable. You can drape them in various styles and experiment with your looks to add a glamorous touch to your personality. They are adorned with embroideries, block prints with the design of flowers, leaves and geometric shapes which makes them charismatic and shiny.

Many people are unaware of the Uppada Sarees. Hence you can become a trendsetter among your friends and family by wearing them at cultural functions or family gatherings. We are sure they will appreciate you for your unique choice and admire you as a stylish diva.

The Uppada sarees are affordable and convenient for everyone’s budget, be it small or medium. You don’t have to compromise with your budget as you can get them at best possible rates.

Different types of Uppada Sarees

You will get a wide variety of Uppada Sarees to choose from. They are famous as the handloom sarees and worn by women of all age groups. Let’s have a look at types of Uppada Sarees.

  1. Uppada Plain Saree
  2. Multi-Color Uppada Saree
  3. Uppada Checks Saree
  4. Handmade Uppada Saree
  5. Uppada Ikat Saree
  6. Big Border Uppada Saree
  7. Simple Jamdani Uppada Saree
  8. Uppada Pattu Silk Saree

Occasions to wear the Uppada Sarees

The rich grandeur of Uppada sarees makes them suitable for wearing at weddings, traditional or cultural functions, festivals and even family celebrations. They will be handy whenever you want to have a traditional look with no more effort. The light fabric will easily drape over your body and reveal your figure with a fabulous appearance. 

Need to attend a wedding? Drape a purple shaded uppada saree with a designer blouse and pair it with golden jewellery to add a luxurious appearance to your personality. We are sure many people will have a hard time taking their eyes off from your beautiful saree attire.

Do you want to have a traditional wear for festival celebration at the office? Carry a blue or pink colour uppada saree with minimal prints and zari border which will enhance your looks. Make sure to put on your favourite lipstick for a glamorous and attractive appearance.

You can also give the uppada sarees as a gift to your loved ones during festivals or on their birthdays to make a memorable moment with them. You can make the celebrations magnificent with your unique gift.

Small Tips For Maintaining Uppada Sarees?

Since Uppada sarees are handmade using silk and cotton fabric, maintenance of these is a tough challenge. Here are a few easy tips that will help you store your Uppada sarees for many years without losing their shine and color.

  1. It is recommended to only opt for dry-cleaning silk sarees.
  2. Avoid hand-washing or machine-wash. If hand washing, use a mild detergent.
  3. In case there is any stain on the saree, immediately wipe it off with cold water.
  4. Avoid drying it in the sunlight as it can cause the color to fade.
  5. Do not bundle up the saree as this can result in the threads of the embroidery work getting entangled.
  6. Wrap the saree in the light cotton muslin cloth to prevent it from sticking to another fabric in a pile.

Each saree at Stylecaret is picked-up by keeping your comfort, and style in mind. Check out our latest uppada sarees with price.

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FAQs on Uppada Sarees

1. What are Uppada Silk Sarees?

Uppada sarees come from a small town of Uppada in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. They are popular because of their impressive motif designs usually made with cotton warp using non-mechanical techniques.

2. Is Uppada silk pure silk?

Uppada sarees are made with cotton and silk wrap making them a lightweight saree while on the other hand, Kanchipuram silk is woven from pure silk.

3. Which city is popular for silk sarees?

Kanchipuram city in Tamil Nadu is considered a silk city with over 5000 families that are involved in this industry.

4. Is Uppada silk soft?

Uppada sarees are pure soft silk sarees.

5. What is Jamdani weaving?

Jamdani is a uniquely patterned, cotton fabric woven on a handloom which makes the entire process time-consuming and labor-intensive technique of weaving. It is rich in motif designs crafted directly on the loom using the old weft technique.