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Bridal Sarees - The Exquisite Attire for Brides

Weddings are bound to be filled with joy, happiness, memories and new relations. Your marriage should be redefined with extraordinary outfits to make every moment joyful and exuberant. You need to transform your looks to fit into the shimmering lights and eye-catching attention of all the relatives. 

To make your special day momentous, you can look for the diverse bridal sarees that are specially designed for the brides. You can also select the traditional varieties such as Kanjivaram Sarees or Paithani Sarees into your bridal sarees. Each traditional saree belongs to a particular state, and it creates so many countless options for any bride to choose from these sarees as their bridal wear. 

The brides from northern states can opt for Banarasi Silk Sarees or Bhagalpuri Sarees which enrich the glow of the bride with glossy looks. In contrast, the brides from southern states have options like Kanchipuram sarees or Mysore Silk Sarees, which are prominent choices among the women from South India.

Make your special day ostentatious

You should never miss anything you love to add in your wedding trousseau and make it lovable so that you can cherish your grandeur outfits for a lifetime. The royal ecstasy that these bridal sarees will put on your wedding will just be beyond perfection. Go bold, vibrant and colourful with the diverse bridal sarees from this page.

Your wedding days will be busy, and everyone will expect you to look like a princess whose life will be taking a new turn. All the relatives and friends will be stuck with you, dancing, enjoying and making your wedding days auspicious. To shine in those moments, you have to keep a fair note on selecting the best bridal sarees that will enhance your looks and make you look like a princess.

The bridal sarees are usually manufactured with all the aspects of keeping your outfit grandeur and accentuate your bridal makeover. You will come across different styles, works, hues and patterns. It is up to your choice as per the comfort and ease. The comfort is necessary because you will have to wear the saree for hours with a smile on your face.

Things to consider while selecting the bridal sarees

You will find tons of designer bridal sarees which will have sequins, mirror work, stonework or zardozi on different fabrics. The fabrics also differ with each fibre such as you will get the combination of all works with silk, georgette, cotton, chiffon or crepe. 

Other fabrics like net and velvet add a unique touch to the bridal sarees due to the designer and fashionable trends that new artisans bring in the market. These fabrics are often interwoven with graceful embroideries or patchwork, lace borders, kundan or gem works which add a shine to the bridal sarees.

Next, the colour of bridal saree is another intriguing factor to consider while looking for the outfits. You can find a range of colours such as navy blue, crimson red, rustic brown, forest green, pink, beige, magenta, and many other hues mixed with the subtle work. 

To make your choice easy and quick, you can keep some things in mind while looking for the bridal sarees:

  1. Pick up a theme for your wedding and select a colour shade that you want to add to the theme. 
  2. Select a contrasting colour for your bridal saree from the theme colour. For example, if the theme colour is white or beige, then the dark red colour sarees will make you look attractive at your wedding. While, if the theme colour is darkly shaded such as red and black, then select the lighter shades such as baby pink or white and beige.
  3. Although, if your wedding is based on your traditional culture, then it is best to pick up the aesthetics of traditional sarees belonging to a particular state. For example, you can see most of the Maharashtrian brides choose the Paithani Sarees or Nauvari Sarees as those sarees possess the traditional ecstasy of Maharashtra.
  4. Last but not least, your relatives and guests will definitely praise you for your sartorial choices and to uplift them, you have to make the right pairs of jewellery to accentuate your looks.

How to style a bridal saree?

Styling a bridal saree involves wearing the saree and accessorising it. For the former, it is essential to remember that bridal sarees are similar to your traditional nine-yard beauties and are to be worn in the similar fashion - draping the saree around your body, tucking it under the petticoat, and then placing the loose end on the shoulder. However, if yours is a regional saree and wedding, then the draping style might vary accordingly. Talking about accessorising the bridal sarees for wedding, one can go for heavy or delicate jewellery - gold, diamond, or kundam, depending on the saree. Hair can be tried in a beautiful braid or bun with flowers depending on the look you aspire to achieve. As for the footwear, go for an option that is comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Buy Designer Bridal Sarees Online at StyleCaret!

We know how difficult it is to go out and look for your bridal sarees in the busy days where you might be stuck with other essential things. To make it easy for you, we have brought an array of different designer bridal sarees that can fit in with all your requirements.

Every choice of a bride, right from the colour pallete to the type of work and fabric, we have brought some of the best and royal bridal sarees for you. You just have to keep a clear eye on what colour you want and what type of work you want on your bridal saree. We are sure that you will not return empty-handed from here.

Are you worried about the quality of sarees? Then let us tell you that we at StyleCaret, never compromise on the quality of our products. We try our best to bring high-quality products from authentic vendors across different miles. You just have to check out your favourite bridal saree, and it will be available at your doorstep. We are sure that the product will definitely put a smile on your face.

Are you looking for any discount? Well, you are in the right place. We give a 100% cashback as rewards points if it is your first purchase at StyleCaret. So don’t wait for any further minute and pick your favourite saree from this page.

If you want to explore other varieties such as designer sarees or heavy work sarees, then you can check them too for wider options.

FAQs on Bridal Sarees

What are the best bridal sarees for weddings?

Bridal shopping is a task in itself which is both fun and exciting. These days bridal sarees online shopping is a real thing and allows one to avail great offers and choice from a variety of labels. However, customers often questions us about the name of the best bridal sarees for weddings, so here are a few options for you to check out - Kanchipuram silk sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Patola sarees, Paithani silk sarees, Muga silk sarees, Patan Patola, and many more.

What work and colours usually features on bridal sarees?

When you buy bridal sarees online or via a retail store, you’ll find the base fabric usually in the hues of red, pink, yellow, beige, and cream. And the choice of colour, the brightness etc depends on the glamour quotient the bride wants to carry on the D-day. As for the work, bridal sarees are available in several work options which again depend on a number of factors like the base fabric, colour, and the bridal choice. For instance, bridal sarees for wedding features zari, zardosi, stone, sequence, thread, patch, kundan, diamante work. Lace and velvet borders are also seen quite often on bridal sarees and make them look very beautiful.

How to take care of heavy bridal sarees?

Any saree be it bridal or a heavy one in general requires love and care, as only then it will retain its beauty for a long time. Care of a bridal saree to a major extent depends on the type of fabric and work it features. For instance, a Kanchipuram silk saree should always be hung in the dark corner of the closet, if you don’t have enough space then fold the Kanchipuram saree neatly and place them in a cotton cloth. Also, all the heavy sarees with stone and sequined embellishments should be kept separately from other sarees in a cotton saree bag. As much as possible, get your heavy bridal saree dry cleaned, when washing at home, keep a note to study instructions first, as one wrong move can damage the saree.

How much does bridal sarees cost?

These sarees range from a few thousand to lakhs, depending on the fabric quality, embroidery, and intricacy of the work. One of the benefits of online shopping is that one can easily compare different bridal sarees with price, one-on-one.

Where to buy bridal sarees for wedding?

Customers can buy bridal sarees online or through showrooms, however, in both cases it is essential to go for a well-know, recognised source, so as to be sure about the quality and price genuinity.